ScreenFlow 1.5 adds extra awesome to the party

ScreenFlow, the uber-awesome screencasting app, has been bumped to version 1.5, adding a number of new features – most importantly, the ability to add titles.

The titling feature is simple to use and works as expected – it creates a text track on top of your video that you can manipulate in a variety of ways. You can create multiple stacked text layers if you want, and apply transitional effects to them.


Nearly as exciting is a set of audio effects. I often end up bringing my screencasts into Soundtrack Pro for some sweetening – hopefully one day ScreenFlow will be able to do basic hum removal, compression and normalization internally. For now, you get basic reverb effects and preset equalizers.

Anyways, it’s a free update, so if you’ve got ScreenFlow you’ll be prompted to update. And if you don’t have ScreenFlow, what are you waiting for?

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