Command line tool to split H264 files

Here’s a quick hack of an application to take an H264 (or any quicktime really) and spit out a new subclip.

This is based on the code from Codeshop, and I’m not implying any ownership. All I did was write a little wrapper for their moov code.

The zip includes the code, xcode project and a built binary. Command line usage is “./H264Parser <file> <start in seconds> <end in seconds>”. Output is dumped to stdout, so you probably want to redirect it to a file with > Progress info goes to stderr.

Output is throttled, but you can turn that off by commenting out the usleep.

This probably isn’t a very useful application to many, but if you want to implement pseudo H264 streaming to Flash without a browser mod, you can probably think of some clever uses … (IE, pass the output to a client side flash player).

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