Yamaha makes me fall in love all over

Made an exciting discovery at Yamaha today. The My8 AES/EBU input/output card for the DM1000/DM2000 line, along with the O2R96, allows you to time your audio console against your house black burst. Even better, it’ll then pipe out properly timed wordclock, so you can actually have synced digital audio.

This makes life about a million times easier for people doing digital audio in video facilities. I could throw out a whole half rack of AES/EBU retiming units!

So, anyone want to get me a couple DM1000s?

2 thoughts on “Yamaha makes me fall in love all over

  1. Aloha,
    i have a DM1000 that i am trying to sync to video, how do you do that with the MY 8 AES card?
    i yave a MY 16 AES, but it should work the same.

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