Use a mono mic with a Sanyo Xacti HD1000/HD1010

We recently got a load of Xacti HD1010s, along with Azden WLX-Pro wireless mic kits. Hooked em’ all together, and they sounded … awful.

Here’s the problem – the Azden has a mono output, while the Sanyo has a stereo input. You end up with your wireless mic going to just the left channel. However, the Sanyo seems to use joint stereo encoding, which ends up giving you a right channel ‘warble’ echoing the left channel.

So, what you need is a mono to stereo adapter in line. Of course, you can’t magically make stereo out of a mono source, but you can duplicate the signal. So, I just make some adapters that went from the tip on a female minijack connector to both tip and ring on a male minijack. Problem solved.

I went looking for a premade adapter, but couldn’t find anything that seemed sure to work.

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