Third party memory with Sony Xdcam EX1 and EX3

Ever since the release of firmware 1.11 for the Sony EX1, there’s been some hubbub in the community about support for third party memory cards, as an alternative to the very expensive SXS cards from Sony and Sandisk.

There’s a great thread at DVInfo with lots of real world results about what works and what doesn’t. Shockingly, it seems like the best combo right now is a Kensington expresscard media reader combined with some Sandisk SDHC cards. So, instead of $850 for a 16gig sony SXS, you can drop $65 for a 16gig SDHC card and be on your way. Read the thread to find out the pros and cons – it’s not all puppies and rainbows, but very nearly…

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