Telestream announced PipelineHD

This happened a few days ago (at IBC) but I forgot to blog it – Telestream has officially announced the Pipeline HD, the newest member of their Pipeline family of products. Pipelines take video in and spit it out ethernet, in a variety of formats. The Pipeline HD was “pre-announced” at NAB, but now it’s officially headed our way.

The SD pipelines output DV and MPEG-2. With the HD model, they’ve gone a bit higher end, supporting DVCProHD, ProRes 422 and DNxHD.

I’ve had some experience with the SD pipeline and have always been impressed. The selling point is that it lets you use your existing IP infrastructure to move video around, instead of building out a video fabric. However, having these ‘pro’ formats in the new one means they’ll really be opening themselves to a wider market.

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