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ProVideoCoalition has some shots from a little Sony show out in CA. One of the interesting things is the Nipros rig for the Sony EX3. I’d heard a bit of discussion about this rig in the past, but hadn’t seen any shots.

If you’re familiar with the Camplex line of products, it’s very similar – a little box that muxes together a bunch of connections, spews it down fiber, and another box that demuxes it at the other end.

You get intercom, return video and remote control, plus an HD-SDI feed. There aren’t enough specs out yet to really evaluate the product, but it could be pretty interesting. Sony says $29k will get you an EX3 + the rig, though perhaps you’d want to drop another $15k for a nicer lens.

One thought on “Sony EX3 studio rig

  1. Folks,
    Keep in mind that the CopperHead system is the original Fiber Optic link for EVERY professional camcorder. It mounts instantly to the EX3 when used with either the Zacuto sled or the new Anton/Bauer QR-EX3(
    On a single thin, mil spec cable, it transports all required signals to/from camcorder and base station for studio or EFP/flypack use: uncompressed HD/SDI, audio, coms, camera control (RMB150/750), audios, and much much more.
    Much less expensive and more versatile then the system Sony is showing, and proven in the field!
    Questions? Let’s chat or blog!
    Jim Hurwitz
    Product Manager, Camera Systems
    Telecast Fiber Systems, Inc.

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