Premiere comes back to the Mac

It’s been rumored for a while, but Adobe is about to officially announce the return of Premiere on the Mac platform. Macworld has the scoop. Looks like I’ll get to play with it at Macworld next week (assuming my head hasn’t exploded from the joy of the keynote).

This is exciting, not because I’m a huge fan of Premiere, but because it again shows Adobe’s faith in the Mac platform, and it provides that much more incentive to bring users over from Windows. That said, Premiere Pro 2.0 is a pretty decent program. It’s not quite Final Cut, but it does have the benefit of tight integration with After Effects and the other Adobe applications.

From the look of the single screenshot, it looks like they’re not tying it too heavily to the OS, which makes some sense. If you notice, they’ve got all their palettes situated within a single OS X window, rather than being truly free-floating. I would assume that limited integration holds true on the backend, so it will be interesting to see how codec issues are dealt with. It’ll be interesting to see it next week.

Cool stuff.

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[Update:] The press release is now available, and in the release Adobe makes it clear that they intend to ship Encore for the Mac as well. That’s seriously good news, as Encore nicely fills a space between DVD Studio Pro and iDVD.

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