Podcast Producer 2: Making your Epiphan Not Suck

If you try to use an Epiphan VGA2USB LR as a remote camera with Podcast Producer 2, you’ll quickly discover that the quality is awful – washed out and gross.
You’ll also find that, no matter how you modify your preferences, it still sucks.
The reason? The podcast agent isn’t running under your user, so the epiphan quicktime capture component never looks at your plist. In fact, it doesn’t even look in the /Library/Preferences folder. Instead, it loads the plist from:
So, you need to tweak your settings the way you like them (for example, using the Epiphan application). Then, quit System Preferences. In terminal, head to your “/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences/” folder and copy epiphan to the above path. You’ll probably have to use ‘sudo’ to do that. Restart your computer and marvel that your preferences are now being respected.

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