Podcast Producer 2: Customizing your Workflow

Podcast Producer 2 includes a great GUI for building workflows. But sometimes you’d like to be able to do things outside the workflow. For example, say you’ve tweaked your settings to output the video chapters to an XML – you might want to transfer that XML file to a remote server.
No problem – you can export a workflow from the GUI tool. This will give you a .pwf bundle on disk. If you drill down into that, you’ll find that most of the workflow lives within the “template.plist” file. For example, here’s the chunk I added to copy my chapter xml to a remote server:
<string>–prb=$$GLOBAL::Library Bundle Path$$</string>
<string>–destination_basename=$$Title$$-2dad7a83f29809dceba9ef969b3ff773-$$Recording UUID$$</string>
What you’ll find those is that podcast producer gets grumpy when you try and re-import that workflow. Why? Because your workflow bundles keeps a hash of itself, and knows when you’ve changed things.
Solution? Kill the “verifier” key within the accounts.plist file in your workflow. Then, all is well.

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