Pebble, Day One

My Pebble watch arrived yesterday. This was a project that I kickstarted back in May of 2012. While moderately behind schedule, they’ve delivered a functioning, elegant product which does what it was supposed to.

It’ll take some time for the Pebble ecosystem to develop. Right now, in addition to serving as a watch, the Pebble can control music playback on my iPhone, and display notifications (for example, show me a text message as it comes in). Eventually, I suspect we’ll see whole new types of application for this breed of glance-able, connected device.

Already, I’m finding the notification functionality pretty attractive. It’s great to not have to pull my phone out of my pocket (particularly when all bundled up in the winter) to see who’s calling or check an iMessage. The build quality seems excellent, and the whole device works pretty slick. I’m still getting used to the whole notion of wearing a watch, having not done so since the 90s (!!), but so far I can give it a thumbs up.


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