Notes on Episode plugin for Compressor 3

When Apple announced that Compressor 3 would support Telestream’s Episode product through a plugin, I got very, very excited. Then I talked to Telestream, and got very, very sad.

Here’s the deal – Compressor has a new Episode option within the preset inspector, which allows you to use the presets from episode in your Compressor workflow. The Episode presets themselves much still be managed from within the Episode interface. Then, when a job is submitted, Compressor does the decoding and passes the data off to Episode to do the encoding.

I got various explanations of how the progress is monitored. One person said you can’t use Batch Monitor to see the job, one person implied you could. In any case, it sounds like distributed compression isn’t supported directly, without purchasing the Episode Engine product with the split and stitch option. It’s all a bit fishy really.

2 thoughts on “Notes on Episode plugin for Compressor 3

  1. Colin, I couldn’t find the presets of Episode. Can you tell me where to look for in Compressor? Also, I never succeeded in creating a working m2v-file with Episode. They all look green and don’t play.

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