My Insides Look Funny

I broke my back on Saturday. I was sledding, then I was airborne, then I was in an ambulance. It was pretty exciting.


While in the ER, I went through the normal round of Xrays and CT scans. Because I needed to go do a followup on said injury, I ended up having to pick up a copy of these Xrays and CT scans to transfer to the appointment. In a very cool twist of modern medicine, instead of picking up films I picked up a CD-R containing all my data. Being an enterprising fellow, I made a copy of said CD. Follow the jump for more of me!

The CD comes with all of my data, along with an eFilm reader. Not only does this allow me to look at the 2d images, it allows you to build a full 3d model of the CT scan data, and then fly around it. You can also animate all of the individual CT scan slides to create a “fly” through your body. I’ve got videos to demonstrate.

First, here’s the Xray, exported from the eFilm reader. This isn’t the full resolution version, which is 2000×3000 pixels.


Click for a larger view.

For the aspiring doctors in the audience, the fracture is in the L1 vertebra, which is the fifth one up from the pelvis.

Next, you can fly through my body!

And finally, some screencapture video of me manipulating my spine in 3d.

Note that the aspect ratios on all of these is a little off, as I don’t feel like creating special CT scan-sized Flash presets for Media Mill…

4 thoughts on “My Insides Look Funny

  1. Holy cow!
    We went sledding that weekend, too. Hit up Wirth park. There was some crazy stuff going on…I can’t believe I didn’t see people seriously hurt.
    Get better.

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