Media about Media

I wanted to plug a couple bits of media related media that I find interesting. If you’re looking to learn more about the field, there are some great podcasts out there that will keep you informed and offer you tips from industry professionals.

First off, This Week in Media, from Alex Lindsay of the PixelCorps. This is a weekly discussion show about news from the industry. It’s fairly non-technical in nature, and is a good resource for keeping up on broader trends.

Next, the VFX Show, also from Alex Lindsay. This is a weekly indepth look at the visual effects work on recently release movies. This is a great one if you’re interested in the post-production workflow.

Finally the Television Broadcast Two Minute Drill (upper right hand corner) is a daily show which covers recent press releases and other industry news.

I’ve also been enjoying watching the Clerks II “Train Wreck” videos, which chronicle the creation of Clerks II. Not Safe For Work though.

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