Kodak continues the pocket-cam arms race, announced 1080p cam

Kodak has announced the Zi8, the next in their line of flip competitors. Features are pretty similar to the Zi6, but now you get 1080p video, instead of 720p.

The bigger feature, in my book, is the external mic jack. Suddenly the camera is a whole lot more flexible. It’ll be very interesting to see if the quality can match the features, as I was immensely let down by the original Kodak cam, the Zi6.

 Eknec Documents 8C 0900688A80B7788C Zi8 Fl-Bf Black02 250X200

One also wonders what the point of 1080p is, with tiny, crummy sensors, but I suppose a bit more oversampling can’t hurt, if your goal is nice-looking web video.

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