If only it wasn’t Sony

I know that Sony announced the HVR-DR60 harddisk recorder a week or so ago, but I hadn’t seen a good picture until today. Darn that’s a nice looking DDR.

I mean, it’s totally useless, but darn it sure does look nice.


Useless for me at least. Perhaps you’ll find it to be a world full of happy. It’s M2T and AVI only, and likely won’t support anything like Canon’s 24F or JVC’s 24p. So, FCP users are out in the cold.

As I say, I wouldn’t give it a second thought if it wasn’t such a darn nice looking product. Sigh.

Oh, it’s also FAT32. It’s time for FAT32 to die. Yes, I know, it’s the only truly cross-platform disk format. Frankly, I’d much rather a device that gave me the choice to run the disk in NTFS or HFS+. Generally, when I’m out shooting, I know whether I’ll be hooking the drive up to a Mac or a PC. Since these are all using Linux under the hood, it shouldn’t be too difficult – Linux can more or less write to both NTFS and HFS these days. Getting rid of the 2gb file limit would be a dream.

Done with that then…

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