First Light

We made good progress in the AISOS space today. The photogrammetry (and later, RTI) camera position is in place. We were lucky to inherit a nice copy stand that was already in the space, which makes camera positioning really easy. We were even able to capture our first object, albeit very roughly (the lightning needs plenty of adjustment).

2016-08-23 14.45.13

2016-08-23 13.58.04

Later in the day, we got the call that our GigaMacro had arrived. Anything that comes in a massive wooden crate is bound to be exciting.

2016-08-23 15.30.17

We don’t have our final work surface for the GigaMacro yet, but we did some initial assembly and testing. Everything seems to be working as expected. It’s definitely going to have a learning curve as we get familiar with all the variables that can be controlled on the GigaMacro. For now, you can watch it wiggle.

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