Drobo followup a few months later

I’ve had my Drobo for about three months now, and I figured it’d be a good time to post some followup thoughts. Here’s the scoop.

The Drobo is the first product from a young company, so I went into it expecting some growing pains. Indeed, there have been a few. But I can happily report that they’ve been resolved and it is now the device I hoped it would be.

The problems have been relatively minor – initially, the disks would never go to sleep (solved by firmware 1.0.2) and there was an occasionally pause when streaming video (fixed by firmware 1.0.3). I also had one scary moment in which I thought I’d lost all of my data – the Drobo refused to mount and OSX threw all sorts of USB errors. After a few hours of churning (and replaying the HFS+ journal) it appeared and all was well.

I’ve used about 810gigs of my available 1.1 terabytes. I’ll need to upgrade drives before too long, which will be a good test of that feature. In the meantime, I’m happy with having a single, redundant, giant drive to dump all of my data onto. It’s allowed me to unify all of my media into a single, giant, iTunes library, which would otherwise have never been possible.

Thumbs up to Drobo then, and onward towards glory.

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