Core2Duo Macbooks announced

Booo! Hisss! They antiqued my laptop. (It’s like pimping my ride, but different)

Apple has announced Core2Duo based Macbooks, combining juicy Merom chips with … well actually, it was really just a chip upgrade. The upper tier models ship with 1gb of ram now as well, which is a nice addition Additionally, the superdrive is dual-layer now.

This is a bit of a surprise to me, as we’re getting awfully close to Christmas. I had expected Apple to hold off on any more product line updates until Macworld.

Despite what the specs might have you believe, these are actually quite capable laptops for video editing. Motion certainly isn’t thrilled about running on mine, but if you’re just working in your NLE, there isn’t a ton of reason to jump up to the more expensive MacbookPro.

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