CES Brings the Crazy

Why didn’t I go to CES? It’s crazyville!

First off, Casio has gotten official with the previously prototyped EX-F1. It’s a still-camera style camera/camcorder with an extra party piece of being able to shoot up to 1200fps (albeit at a tiny resolution). 60fps burst mode for stills and H264 video encoding up to 1080i round out the specs.

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2008 01 Ex-F1 F-Up1.Jpg-

Next, Sony has spewed a plethora of new cameras, from HD (HDV and AVCHD) on down to MiniDV (still?). Engadget has the full roundup, as I can’t wrap my head around all the models.

Finally, Samsung has released some odd looking 1080p cameras, the SC-HMX20C, SC-MX20 and SC-DX103. The HMX20C does full raster 1080p at 60fps, slow-mo shooting and an interesting form factor. No word on recording format, though one can surmise an h264 derivative. No price give on the top of the range model.

 Assets Resources 2008 01 Samsung Sc-Hmx20C Front

Of course, CES has also brought a billion new TVs, speaker setups, phones, laptops, etc. Engadget has the full scoop, if you can keep up.

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