CaptionManager – easily add and remove captions from QT movies

Cough. Yeah. Remember this blog? Right then.

Here’s a new little app to add and remove caption tracks (SCC files) from Quicktime files. In theory you can do this with Quicktime Pro, but it doesn’t seem to work so well anymore.

This zip file includes the source for the app, Xcode project, and a compiled build.

Basically, you can open a quicktime movie, and it’ll detect whether there are already captions or not. Then you can strip the captions if they already exist (plus an associated TC track) or add new captions from an SCC file. You’ll either need to be on Snow Leopard or have the Caption Component installed. The built version is Intel only, though you could probably compile a PPC version if you were so inclined.

The app writes out a new file, rather than updating in place, due to some limitations in QTKit.

For the command line, running ./ -help will give you the relevant info.

No license attached, because I still don’t understand the implications of BSDing stuff created on the University’s dime.

Oh also, the GUI leaks a little memory. Deal. I’ve also posted a screencast of the app.

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