Canon HV20 officially announced

News of the HV20 was leaked a few days ago, but now it’s official. The Canon HV20 is in the same product line as the HV10 consumer HD camera. The HV20 is a different form factor, looking to be similar to the Panasonic GS line of small consumer cameras, rather than the palmcorder look of the HV10. The primary feature added to the HV20 is 24f support. The HV10 could play back 24f tapes from an XLH1/XHG1/XHA1, but couldn’t record in 24f. That makes it a pretty tempting choice for beginning filmmakers who want a higher-end look. I would guess that it’ll street for $899, which makes it a pretty nice choice for folks who are serious about their video, but working on a limited budget.

20070131 Hires Hv20 3Q Back

20070131 Hires Hv20 3Q Front

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