Canon HF11, HG20 and HG21 hit the states

Electronista says that the new Canon AVCHD cameras are hitting our shores now, bringing with them the first implementation I know of that records AVCHD at the max bitrate of the specification (24mbps).

Up until now, the AVCHD cameras I’ve used have been rather lackluster compared to HDV cameras, mostly due to far too aggressive compression schemes. AVCHD has the potential to be far superior to HDV at similar bitrates, so It will be exciting to see the video produced by these canon cameras. The HF11, which records to 32gig of internal flash, or external SDHC memory cards is particularly interesting. The other models record to harddrives, which is a bit meh.

 Esta Content 0808 Canonvixiahf11-Lg

One little item to complain about: the 24p mode records to 60i files. Excuse me? 24p in 60i (with a pulldown) made a little sense with DV since DV was only ever designed for 60/50i interlaced video. 24p in 60i with HDV made a little less sense, since it was a new spec, but since it was a physical tape you could make a claim about tape speeds and whatnot.

But throwing 24p inside a 60i container on a file based camera? Wow. That’s some pretty serious artificial market segmentation! The AVCHD spec allows for 1080p24, so why make it hard?

In any case, look at how many badges it has! It’s gotta be good! And the truth is, I’m excited to try this camera.

Picture 5

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