Apologies and MacWorld roundup

Sorry for going silent for the last few days. Zero hours of sleep at MacWorld, combined with real-world work kind of caught up with me.

MacWorld was a blast, thanks to all those I met there. Aside from the obvious Apple announcements, the big star for me was the Axiotron ModBook. It really is beautifully engineered. I really hope to get a couple to use with ScopeBox. Check the link if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

The LAFCPUG meeting was a good time, though all of us were dead tired by that point in the week so it was a bit hazy. We did some renegade ScopeBox promotion, which was a blast, and had good reactions throughout. I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything nasty to the folks from Focus Enhancements. Go me!

Now I’m back at the University and the semester is in full swing. NAB is only a few short months away, and there should be some pretty exciting things in the meantime.

CES didn’t bring a lot of exciting announcements for the prosumer/professional video production world. Sony released a slew of new consumer-level HDV cameras, recording to all manner of media. Half of them are AVCHD (recording to mini-DVD) and the rest are HDV (recording to mini-DV). Otherwise, there’s not a ton of stuff that caught my eye. Aside from the iPhone of course …

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