But ….

This is really an addendum to the last post.

The ProApps update did add 1080p24 HDV support to Quicktime. This means that you can now capture with VirtualDVHS and use MpegStreamclip to convert those files to 24p HDV files. Then, edit your sequence preset to look like this:

Picture 3

Hit ok, double click the sequence in your bin, and bathe in the warm glow of native 24p HDV editing.

Next to test: footage off a Firestore, and whether the timing is actually right.

[Edit] Timing does seem to be right [/Edit]

[Edit2] 24F footage captured to a firestore and converted with MPEGStreamclip seems to work too [/Edit]

ProApps 2006-01 update

Tonight Apple shipped an update to ProApps (sort of the underlying glue for Final Cut Studio and Shake) which adds some sort of support for 24p HDV. The release docs talk about support for XDCamHD in 24p, but XDCamHD is just 24p on an optical disc. I’ll have to give capturing from an XL-H1 tomorrow, but at least it’s one step closer. Now if we could just get some news out of Focus

Macbook editing continued

I’ve been working on cutting together a short trailer of some material shot in 1080i60 HDV using Final Cut Studio on my Macbook. I’ll post a link later today when the final cut is ready, but I wanted to make note of a few things I experienced.

First off, I’m cutting with the Apple Intermediate Codec, because somebody can’t be buggered to add quicktime support to their product (“It’ll ship in April! No May! No June!” … ). This means I’m working with 100mbit footage instead of 25mbit HDV. This seems to be right on the edge of what the Macbook drive can reasonably stream at a consistent framerate, and things go a bit stuttery when you start adding in multiple streams. But things have stayed stable, which is good.

The next thing I’ve found is that all is not well in the world of Motion. Some effects, particularly some of the glow effects, don’t seem to display correctly. Presumably this is due to the integrated graphics not supporting the needed features. What’s interesting is that the program keeps on working without complaint.

Soundtrack Pro, as always, was flawless to work with.

I haven’t noticed any other glitches that I can attribute to the Macbook. In fact, I’ve been a bit surprised at how stable the whole suite has been – no crashes or significant hiccups over 30+ hours of use.

Shake price drop

Just in case anyone missed it, Shake has gone Universal, and the price has gone from $2999 to $499 – $249 if you’re academic.

In connection with that, they’ve also announced that Shake 4.1 will be the last major release of the product, with a future high-end compositor in the works to replace it. The buzz is that it’ll be something akin to “Motion Pro,” though one would hope that it would retain node-base editing.

It’s been 6 months, why is 24F still a nightmare?

I can’t comprehend why Canon hasn’t pushed forward industry support for 24F. It’s absolutely ludicrous that 6 months after the launch of the Canon XL-H1, the major editing packages can’t edit it, and none of the decks can play it. Why Canon, why? Part of introducing a new format involves supporting said format. Instead, 24F is being left to die, used only by those willing to spend hours tweaking and testing.